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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Two

There are for each resident of earth, two paths to take - the Living Life or the Passing Life, a life that renews itself or a life that exhausts itself, a life of the thoughtful person who has preserved and retained the life-flowing vigor or the one whose life force has been lessened.  The dictionary definition of life is really little comprehended, but it is in reality the great truth.  The definition of life is the union of body and soul.  The definition of soul -the spiritual, rational, immortal part of man; therefore, mortal man has a compound existence of a mortal body and an immortal soul.  If mortals could see themselves as they are seen by those on the next plane, they would see that each person has and lives in a distinct atmosphere that reflects all colors and is changeable as thought changes -that great characters have great atmosphere, and, no doubt, the idea of the halos surrounding the heads of holy persons came from the fact that their atmosphere was so pronounced that it could, at times, be seen.

The definition of atmosphere is "gaseous envelope surrounding any heavenly body, the influence (mental and moral) exerted on a person by their environment."

Now man, like the stars, has his own atmosphere but it is not made from the influences, mental and moral, exerted on him by his environment.  It is partly inherited, but mostly made by man himself.  It is this that is the life force of the human body, and when this is a strong, steady, unchanging atmosphere, the body works in perfect harmony.

There are healthy atmospheres and unhealthy ones, just as there is a healthy atmosphere on the mountain tops and there are unhealthy ones in the swamps.  As a man is master of his thoughts and deeds, he has the power to create a healthy body with a living, vitalizing atmosphere, and thereby lengthen his life.  When this is fully understood and realized, the span of life will be doubled and trebled and in time carried on almost indefinitely.  As long as man believes that the span of   life is three-score-years-and-ten and that old age and death are inevitable, his body will respond to that belief.  It will rob him of the power to create a living atmosphere and the spirit can find no entrance to the channel through which to express itself.

When a child is born, its atmosphere is a combined hue of that of its parents, the color of the stronger parent predominating.  If the parents had a sense of weakness, the atmosphere of the child usually reflects the weakness.  As the years pass on, the child by its life and thought, creates a personal atmosphere.

Everyone is free to create his own atmosphere, and can by visualizing and affirming life, health and strength, change it to one of life more abundant.

The mesmerism of years is the most depressing power in the world to kill ambition and shorten life.  We really live in Eternity now and "The Kingdom of Heaven is within" each one of us.  Death will not reveal it.  Man has the power to create his own Heaven here by right thinking.  Thinking is the most important business of life.  "Out of the imaginations of the heart cometh the issues of life."  Our thought has as great a power on our atmosphere as light has on the sensitive plate of a camera.  It receives whatever mental seed you give to it and will create and give back to you whatever you think into it.

As time passes on and 60, 70, and 80 years are reached, the poisonous thought that the end of life is drawing near is a seed planted in the soil of your sub-conscious mind which is reflected in your atmosphere.  The latter starts to shrink and that which extended for over a foot or two from the body during youth, now each year grows smaller and smaller.  Each time age is thought of brings lessened days -- a shorter life.  The atmosphere grows weaker and less able to furnish the life force for the mortal machine and the hour comes when this fear has entirely destroyed the living atmosphere and as the mortal machine has no reserve power from which to draw, death follows, as the auto must stop when there is no gas in the tank.

This is the truth for man -- that he can create each day a living, vitalizing atmosphere that will furnish the needed power for his mortal machine.  If it could become a fact to us that years did not in any way produce weakness, that years only added strength; if when we reached the prime of life, we could mentally reverse the years, each year growing younger instead of older, really believing that we were growing younger, decrepit old age would in time be eliminated.  This conviction would produce a life-giving, life-sustaining atmosphere and 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 150 would be reached with our natural force unabated.  Our atmosphere would radiate youth and the functions of the body would work in harmony.

"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."  Life is God.  Life is eternal.  Then, why not Live and Grow Young?

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