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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Three

In the following chapters we will consider some of the errors of life and show the reason why life is not longer; why the art of living long is a lost art; also the needed plans to prolong life and to create a life-giving atmosphere on which the material body lives as the fish lives in the water.

The art of creating a life-producing and life-prolonging atmosphere is a lost art, but one that can be regained.  This book will have its effect on the thought and lives of thousands and thus others will be inspired to follow the plan of living here recorded and create their own healthy atmosphere.

It is necessary, only, to consider some of the great leaders in Bible history to understand that the art of living long is a lost art.  Moses was 120 years old when he died.  His eyes were not dim nor were his material forces abated.  The years of Isaac were 180.  Joshua died at 110.  Rehoboam was 140 when he began to reign and reigned for 17 years.  Job lived to 140 years of age and there are records of many others who attained even much greater age.  In those days the food was more simple; exercise was forced on all men; lack of modern errors made life more simple.  They had no daily sensational press to tell them of all the murders and suicides that happened in all parts of the world, and fill their minds at the beginning of each day with revolting, depressing news.  The disasters that befell the world were not known until years after.  Men lived simple, God-loving lives and it was thus easy to create the necessary life-producing atmosphere; easy to consider and believe that long life was possible as they had examples of others who had lived to be 140 and more years.

Then, the mesmerism of three-score-years-and-ten did not erect that deadly barrier in thought as it has for the people of this age.  This belief that three-score-years-and-ten was the allotted time of life has done more to shorten life than all wars and plagues the world has ever experienced, and when this mesmeric the ought is broken by a few, as it will be, life will at once lengthen for the mortal body renews itself as long as life lasts, and renews itself according to the patterns you give it, and if the atmosphere in which you live is renewed daily, purified by healthy thoughts, it will be possible to almost indefinitely prolong life.

One of the causes that has shortened life in the past has been the gloomy hue given to it by established religions with their creeds of predestination, foreordination, infant damnation and the belief that earth was a vale of sorrow from which death liberated man.  To-day, religion is being lifted up, purified, clarified, and man is finding religions of hope and joy.  No truth can be encompassed by creeds nor copyrighted.  Man should be free to express his own inspiration and not be held in bondage by organizations and creeds; his mind should always be open to new thought which is truth forcing itself on man, and be it new thought in an old established sect or a new sect with new thoughts that uplift, they are all good, spiritual elevators.  Some appeal to one and some to others.  They are a part of progress and it is right to progress, to be free, to perceive and accept greater enlightenment.  When man is ready for a new revelation, it is given him.  It is always knocking at the portals of thought as the truth in these pages, and as God is the same yesterday, today and forever, that which was accomplished in the days of old, can be accomplished now.

This lost art of long life can be regained.  Why not try to regain it.  At any rate, by cultivating healthy, hopeful thoughts, you will be happy and a joy to those you meet.  You will help to make the world a better place to live in for all who come into contact with you.  A hopeful, healthy atmosphere draws you to cheerful, happy, successful people like the magnet draws iron.  Regain, if you can, the lost art of living long.  

To regain the lost art of living, you must accept Christ's statement that death is an enemy and if an enemy, you have a perfect right to combat it.  This statement has never been accepted by the so-called Orthodox Christians, but instead they have accepted the fable that the allotted life of man is three-score-years-and-ten.  This powerful, poisonous lie is in nearly ever conscious and sub-conscious mind, and is more powerful than any thought or belief that man has to contend with in his battle for a long life; more powerful than all other beliefs and fears in the world.  It is a murderous thought.  It assassinates man just as he arrived at years of usefulness, few, if any, objecting to it -- nearly all blindly accepting it.  Is there anything on earth that we so blindly accept as we do this three-score-years-and-ten lie?  Man did not blindly accept the tallow dip as the final means of light; man did not accept the horse or the ass as the only means of transportation.  Man did not accept the apparent fact that the only place for his feet was on earth and that the sky was for the birds, or that the depths of the sea were only for the fish; nor did he accept the slow post as the only means of carrying messages.  And it is on account of this impelling desire to improve and accomplish that which seemed impossible, that we today light the world by electricity; that we are able to travel 60 and 80 miles per hour by train; that we have wrested from the eagle his sole domain, the high heavens.  Everything that comes to bless the earth must first be an idea in the mind of man; a vision in the mind of some so-called visionary man.  Such a person was Socrates.  The age in which he lived was not ready for the wisdom he expressed and they gave him the hemlock cup.  

The lie that three-score-years-and-ten is the allotted time of man's life has been believed too long.  Its autocratic death-dealing power must be destroyed.  Man will never be free from the shackles of this belief until he perceives and understands that it is a fable.  When that is understood and realized, long life will be re-established and accepted as naturally as the world accepted electricity in the place of gas and the tallow dip.  The orthodox Christian will answer that it is God's decree that three-score-years-and-ten are the allotted years of man's life and many will continue to believe it the same as they believe the fable of the earth being made in six days and the whale swallowing Jonah, and those who believe this fable will come under it and depart.  As they pass on, let us hope that they will take their fable with them.

If it were the Creator's will that man's allotted time on earth is three-score-years-and-ten, death would not be an enemy, but part of the Creator's scheme of existence.  Christ said that death was an enemy.  Why not accept this statement?  He also said that He came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it; therefore, we should look upon death as an enemy as Christ did and do all within our power to banish it and prolong life.  Wherever Christ went, he was healing the sick and raising the dead.  If death was part of God's plan, he would not have attempted to overthrow it.

People can drink contaminated water, and those with vital constitutions will perhaps be able to resist its effects for some time, but those who have weak constitutions will sooner or later suffer from it.  And so it is with all diseased and discordant thoughts --only those with strong constitutions are able to entertain them and survive, and even they pay the penalty in a weakened atmosphere and shortened life.  Why hold them when they are plenty of good, strong, life-producing thoughts which enable you to Live and Grow Young.  We have the power to choose our thoughts, so why not choose harmonious thoughts --life and health thoughts.

Avoid, all you can, everything connected with the death thought.  Do not form a habit of looking for and reading the obituary notices in the paper.  Never mind who is passing away.  Keep your mind on life and everything it represents.  Do not attend funerals just for the sake of seeing how they are conducted.  Some people make it a practice to go to the funeral of every prominent person.  It, no doubt, amazed the disciple who asked Christ to allow him to attend his brother's funeral when he answered --"Let the dead bury the dead; follow thou Me."

While it may be necessary to attend your brother's funeral, you need not make a practice of attending those of all your distant relatives and favorite movie stars.  Funerals are permeated with the mesmerism of death.  They fill your mind with gloom and depressing thoughts until it is impossible to create a living vital atmosphere for yourself. 

This is the new truth that three-score-years-and-ten being the allotted span of man's life is an  unfortunate lie.  See the truth and free yourself from its deadly power.



There is no crime against the human race
More terrible than age -- to take new gold
Perfect and pure from the eternal mould
And stamp so huge a falsehood on its face

How dare we halt and shrivel with the years?
How dare we bow to death, decay and age
When Life that thunders through a million spheres,
Terrific torrent of creative rage,

Sings in our sinews, laughs within the blood,
Cries, "Counterfeit!" to man's poor tale of blight;
Shouts, "I can make you over in a night,
If ye but yield to my renewing flood."

O Man, predestined creature of the sun,
Speak, in thy might, but the stupendous Truth --
Thy thought, thy will, thine aim and Nature's one --
And thou shalt know at last eternal youth!

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