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Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Eight

If we wish to realize any desired result, we must see it coming.  We must visualize it, for visualization is the seed of creation.  All nature is subject to the necessity of visualization.

The best of life come from constructive visualization.  By it, you bring into material manifestation, your own world, your own environment.  By it, you call on the universal mind for supply.  Your Father's storehouse is full of things that you desire, and messengers loaded with blessings are ready to start from that storehouse at your call.

Christ visualized his requirements; then gave thanks that they were on the way.  He had no doubt that his desires would be fulfilled.

It is by visualization that realization comes.  By visualization your destiny is shaped.  It is not chance that creates or guides your destiny.  It is painted by the brushes of visualization and in no other way.  Applied steam or electricity, and all the manifold blessings enjoyed by man were brought to the material world by thought.  First an idea, a vision, then a material creation, or manifestation.

Take the locomotive as an example.  The mechanical engineer is instructed to build a locomotive of a certain power to pull a given load.  As he works over the problem, his mind in reality takes mental trips to the region of the unseen.  Imagination is the aeroplane that transports him.  At last he sees the locomotive as a mental picture; his plans and specifications go to the works and his vision becomes a material realization and a thing of life.  This material locomotive is not the real locomotive, for it can be destroyed.  The real locomotive was the one that was visualized by the mind of the engineer.  That cannot be destroyed.  The real locomotive was the one that was visualized by the mind of the engineer.  That cannot be destroyed.

Before earth was created, that locomotive was waiting to be constructed, seen and used by man.  It was this truth that St. Paul alluded to when he said the things seen are the unreal and temporal, and the things unseen, the real and eternal.  In the case of the locomotive, Nature has its part in the building, for it created the material from which it was made.  Man also has Nature as a helper in the renewal of his body.  If he can visualize youth as the engineer visualized the perfect locomotive, then his helpers will build his body according to visualization.

The constant visualization of age creates age, with its attendant disability.  The body has no power of itself to create.  Nature lends its power to help you to live by the process of renewal, building and rebuilding cell after cell.  Nature is ever making all things new.  Every few years the body is entirely rebuilt, but, always, according to the plan you have visualized.  If you visualize advancing age, you will grow old.  If you visualize in terms of youth, you will realize accordingly.  Think youth and you stay young, for the thought of youth is youth.

In the Rockefeller Institute is a chicken's heart that science has kept alive for nine years and, theoretically at least, will remain alive indefinitely.  It is increasing in size and constantly rebuilds itself.  It is a wonderful illustration of the renewing power of life.  What would man's years be if youth were constantly visualized with the same power of thought exerted in constantly visualizing age, decrepitude, and death?  Health, wealth and success must first be visualized if we desire these blessings.  Constant, unwavering visualization will bring them, not demands given one day and countermanded the next; not faith one day and doubt the next.  Do not speak the word and in the next breath deny its power by visualizing something that contradicts it.

Visualization must be clear and persistent, otherwise our dreams will be merely a treadmill of thought, never arriving at the desired goal.  You may think you can hire a substitute to do this thinking for you, but it is personal work that counts.  Some argue that visualization is only repetition and that they grow tired of repetition.  They forget that taking daily baths is repetition; that indulging in three meals a day is repetition; that sleep each night is repetition.  In fact, repetition is the order of the day, so why should daily visualization of the things desired to be considered arduous.  It is the very best investment to be made of time.  Nothing happens by chance.  All is law and you create your own law every time you think.

Visualization and Realization are the highways to prosperity, health and long life.  Eternal vigilance is the price of success.

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