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Chapter Ten

The courts are so full of divorce cases that one is inclined to believe that unhappy through married life is the logical result of matrimony.  There are, also, millions of unhappy married people who do not resort to the courts, but, for the sake of the children, for family reasons, or the dread of publicity, suffer the galling yoke for years or until death releases them.

This chapter will explain how complete unhappiness in married life may be obtained.  None need fail in being unhappy if that is the condition desired.  If not, the reverse of this method will produce happiness.

To be unhappy through married, the married life should begin in the home of the young husband with the mother who adores him and the sisters who think no girl is good enough for him.  This plan has been tried for ages and has seldom been known to fail.  Then, the husband should always come home with a grouch.  On the way home he should forget all the pleasant incidents of the day, remembering only the annoyances with which to regale his wife in the evening.  This will produce an atmosphere of gloom and depression which will cause her little troubles to magnify out of all proportion and unhappiness will reign supreme.  Should you have difficulty in putting out of your mind the amusing stories and cheerful happenings of the day, just drop into a telephone booth on your way home and stay there until you feel not only satisfied with the result, but are sure of being late for dinner.  This will bring home a sinister atmosphere that will be sensed from the drawing room to the kitchen.  The cook will be cross, and the dinner over-done and cold, and unhappiness will be enthroned.

Manifest blessings of prosperity, healthy and brilliant children, a large circle of friends; all will be lost sight of.  In this discordant atmosphere the mortal body will refuse to function properly and headaches, neuritis, heart failure and many other evils will follow.  If any member of the family happens to fall ill in such surroundings, the illness will be intensified and, unless some good doctor with a strong and cheerful personality is called in and changes to the atmosphere, the patient may become too depressed to resist the disease.

To be unhappy through married --first remember that kind words, thoughtfulness, tender care, passing over of differences, dropping from your mind the little things that have annoyed you during the day, will give you such a pleasing atmosphere that you will not be unhappy at all.  You will think married life is Heaven and wonder why anyone remains single.

Unhappiness in the home is nurtured on a discordant atmosphere and this can be more readily developed than any product of man.  It takes months to grow flowers, but a determined person fully realizing the power of evil atmosphere in the home, can, bu cultivating a grouch, change a pleasant atmosphere for an unpleasant one in an incredibly short time.

The most noble ambition for any man or woman to entertain is to make their married life happy.  It is a profession that should be studied; in fact, colleges should establish classes and lectures on the subject of how to produce happiness in the home.  Cultivate thoughts that create a harmonious atmosphere with more persistency even than you would use in pursuit of wealth.  Delve into the sunshine of hope and love as miners seek for precious metals, for a good atmosphere is life's greatest asset --more to be desired than gold.  It is of the Kingdom of Heaven.

No matter what else an individual may have accomplished in life, if one has charmed and captured a mate and retained the respect and love of that one through better or worse so long as life shall last --that individual has made a success.

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