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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Thirteen

Faith is the road we tread when we take your prayers to the principle of life (God) to have them answered.  Faith sometimes is the product of years.  At other times it comes instantly.  Faith exalts us and by it we seem enabled literally to move mountains, but in reality we are lifted up into the perfect expression of life and by means of our faith the mountain disappears.  When we reach the height of perfect faith, there will be no mountains in our way.

God's universe is governed by immortal laws and by Faith we are led to understand them.  Prayer strengthens faith.  This is its inherent value.  It gives to some such great faith that they are lifted to heights from which they behold the way to the desired blessing.  

We cannot alter principle by prayer or bring principle to us.  We live in principle; we live in abundance; we are in the midst of plenty all the time and by Faith we lift ourselves up to where we can see the bountiful supply provided for us.  Faith unlocks the secret place and its manifold blessings recorded in the 91st Psalm.  Therefore, with all thy getting, get faith --faith that you are a son of a King who created all that was created; that your Father desires you to have all the blessing of his vast storehouse, the understanding of which will bring you all His good and perfect gifts.  If in want, know that you have not understood the principle of supply and do not pray for material things, but pray for Faith to lift you up to the understanding of God's bounty, His limitless riches, and by Faith you will enter the world of abundance where there is no lack.

There is ample material in the forests and mountains of earth to build palaces for all the sons of God, and Faith can give you everything that life can produce.  Faith is the best friend and traveling companion that man can have.  Faith enables you to know that God is the sould of the universe, that you are one with God and may draw from this infinite source an unlimited supply of all that you need.  There is nothing Faith cannot do for us.  Have Faith in the fact that age is mesmerism; that it is only a man-made lie.  Have Faith that it is not the will or pleasure of the Infinite for you to express death.  Have Faith in the power of the life thought; Faith that youth is yours to have and to hold.  But, with Faith, use understanding and common sense.  Do not eat like a madman and expect Faith to give you the existence of a Saint.

There is no reason in this wide world, that just as you have by your won industry secured the good things in life, you should be forced to depart.  Faith that death is not a part of life will rob death of its power.  If you have only enough Faith so that your earthly existence will be like a tallow candle --only burn so long and go out --it will be according to your Faith.  If you have Faith that you are connected with the principle of life as the electric bulb is connected with the dynamo, your life will be much longer.  As your Faith, so is your life.

This book is a distinct message to tell the world that life can be prolonged; to give you Faith in the renewal of your thoughts (your viewpoint of life), to put you in tune with the cell life that is ever working to rebuild your body.  By exchanging old thoughts of age for new thoughts of youth, you and your cell life will be able to do constructive team work and the results will be increased strength, better health and added years, for the three-score-year-and-ten habit will be broken and we will come into a new conception of life.

Live!  Live!  Have Faith you can live; have Faith you will live.  Just before you drop to sleep say:  As my mortal body renews itself, so this night by subconscious mind sings to my conscious mind all night songs of youth.  I am bathed in youth and all it represents.  Do this daily as you eat and bathe, and thus you will Live and Grow Young.

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