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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Nineteen

To Live and Grow Young, to build a strong body in a vital life-producing atmosphere, you must understand the power of the sub-conscious  mind; you must understand the action and duty of the cell life that builds and rebuilds your body which is working at all times and never slumbers or sleeps.  All of your thoughts, hopes and ambitions are daily registered on this sub-conscious mind, even more readily than conversation and music is registered on the disc of the phonograph; therefore, you must guard with great care the impression that is registered on your sub-conscious mind, for that which is registered the cells will take up and reproduce in your body.  The cell life receives its orders from the sub-conscious mind.  Consider that each cell of your body has ears and be careful what is whispered into these ears, what you tell your sub-conscious mind, for whatever it is the cells will consider as orders and build accordingly.  They have no other source of information.  If you tell your sub-conscious mind you have a weak body, this mind will pass the orders on to the billions of cells at work and they will build you a weak body.  If you inform the sub-conscious mind that you are growing old, your body will manifest age.  This cell life is impartial and faithfully carries out your orders.  The cell life will dance to the tune your sub-conscious mind sings to it, so consider how important it is to make good records for your sub-conscious mind to sing.  In the material phonograph, if you do not like a disc, you need not use it, but the sub-conscious phonograph will play the ones your mood calls for, be they favorable or unfavorable.

You are the architect of your body --the master builder.  Your sub-conscious mind is the superintendent; the cells are the workmen and will carry out the orders the superintendent gives them.  Few men realize that they have the power to build or rebuild themselves as they desire.  If a man really desires to do so, he can rebuild himself in such wise that practically nothing but his name will remain.  If gloomy, he can make himself happy; if lazy, he can make himself alert and active.  It's all in the orders given to the sub-conscious mind.

If you own a lot with an old three-story building on it, you can tear it down and have just the kind of a building you wish constructed.  You go to the architect and say:  "Draw me plans for a six-story building, granite front, terra-cotta trimmings, steel-construction."  After the architect has the order for that kind of building, he does not sit down on the street and wait for the material to come by --not by any means.  First he draws the plans; then eh orders the kind and amount of material he needs to construct the building a, and, as it progresses, he keeps his eyes on the plans and specifications and carefully watches the material that goes into the building to see that it conforms to the specifications.

Body building is the same.  Draw up specifications for the kind of a body you want, order from the Quarry of Thought the kind of material you desire, then watch these thoughts as they go into action and are recorded on the sub-conscious mind.  See if they are what you ordered.  If not, reject them.  Draw also specifications for the ideals you wish to express.  Don't embalm these ideals.  Use them, for, as muscles in constant use grow stronger, so will these ideals grow stronger.  Record them in the sub-conscious mind, irrigate and cultivate them, and soon you will live in an ideal atmosphere that will attract the best to you; that will enable you to weather the storm of adversity.  Your sub-conscious phonograph will play only songs of rejoicing and you will Live and Grow Young, for, "All things respond to the call of rejoicing, all things gather where life is a song."

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