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Chapter Sixteen

Confucius said, "The perfecting of one's self is the fundamental base of all progress."  Moral and physical development of self can be accomplished only by well ordered thought and attention.  By attention is knowledge acquired.  Knowledge being power, by paying attention we gain power.

Spotted, soiled clothes are true indications of spotted, soiled thoughts just as positive a guide to inward conditions as the thermometer is of the temperature, or the barometer of approaching storm.  If you are not careful of your dress, you are not careful of your thoughts.  Neatness of appearance is the unmistakable sign of a well ordered life.  In order there is harmony, comfort, strength and economy.  A man whose life is well ordered saves time and respects the rights of others by keeping appointments.  A well ordered life brings peace and infinite calm, brings affluence within, which means affluence without. 

The mortal machine is your constant traveling companion and to understand it as well as you do the car you drive is wisdom.  Then each day will be filled with calm assurance, the complement of an understanding mind.  Your appetites will be under control; the organs of the body will perform their functions properly, which will surround you with a vital life-producing atmosphere.  This will en sure you a clear mind and enable you to solve your problems by intuitive knowledge.  By attention and well ordered thought you will be able to care for your mortal body without the aid of so-called specialists or tinkers.  A large majority of men and women are perpetually in the tinkers' hands, constantly being tinkered.  They overeat rich foods and foods that fight with each other, and the human stomach, being a very restricted area for a battle, confusion pervades all the organs until the mentality is injuriously affected by the agonizing calls for help from the battle ground.  Then the invalids resort to pills, and if these fail to help, call in a tinker.  He places them on a strict diet for months, perhaps for life, all of which could have been avoided had forethought been used in place of hind thought.  These heavy, ill assorted foods were not needed.  They were eaten for a few moments of pleasure only to leave hours of discomfort, attended often by death from acute indigestion or other causes.

Intemperance possesses a great power to shorten life.  It weakens the organs of the body and induces acid deposits in the joints.  Its attendant ills cloud the brain and make man unfit for companionship or for business.  The tinker is appealed to who advises the patient to give up all alcoholic indulgence and spend weeks or months at some foreign spring to wash out the poison.  Often the tinker and his favorite spring fail, leaving incurable gout, enlarged joints and a cantankerous disposition.

Why not understand that light meals and simple diet are the proper way to nourish both the mind and body?  When the fire box of an engine is filled too full of coal, 90 per cent of the fuel is wasted in imperfect combustion and most of it goes up in heavy, black smoke, but if the firing is conducted scientifically, there is little if any smoke and the normal amount of heat is conserved.

Wny not understand that it is the same with your stomach as it is with the fire box.  Give as careful attention to the selection and mixture of your food as you would to the combustion of gas in your auto, thereby eliminating the necessity of calling in tinkers to dispel the evil produced by your lack of self-control and thoughtless selection of food.

Understand, likewise, the value and use of water.  Water is as necessary to flush the body as it is to flush the sewers of the city.  Wash inside with more care and persistence than you wash outside.  Study moderation in eating, for the man who practices moderation in eating finds it easy to be moderate in his speech and conduct, for like produces like.  The moderate man reflects health and health is the paramount foundation for achievement.  Health is also the chief element in producing happiness.  With imperfect digestion of food, will come imperfect digestion of problems, and work done under such condition is always inefficient.  Trifling annoyances seem catastrophes and mole hills of problems seem to be mountains.

There must be careful co-operation of the mind with the body.  It is the only union that is inseparable until death.  There is no divorce court that will separate you from your mortal machine, therefore treat it with understanding and consideration. 

To understand yourself is a great step toward acquiring the new science of "How to Live and Grow Young."

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