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Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Twenty

The so-called rolling stones of the world have been the saviours of mankind.  They have been subjected to wrath, persecution, and even the cross, but were it not for these persons, who were wiling to stand the sneers, hatred and disgrace of the world, we would today be living metaphorically in the stone age.

The law of the infinite demands progress and advancement, yet a great majority of mankind accept as truth the time-worn platitude that "The rolling stone gathers no moss" as if it were a paramount virtue to be a moss back.  This belief withholds great blessings from man, and it is time for this nonsensical saying to be consigned to oblivion, along with the unsupported belief that three-score-years-and-ten are the allotted span of man's life.

Millions are holding to old beliefs, wrapped in ancient creeds and dogmas that do not in any way satisfy them.  Their souls are starving, but they fear to cut their anchorage, afraid of being thought a rolling stone.  It is better not to be anchored except during a storm.  It is far better to drift with the tide of human thought and advancement, to keep your mind open to new thought and new ideals.  Keep the windows of your would wide open to the inflow of each new idea, each new truth.  Stale food of any kind is not life-giving.  If it takes the refrigeration of conservatism to keep it from spoiling, it is not Truth.  The real Truth needs no refrigeration.  It is self-preservative.  Photographs are not taken on used negatives, but on fresh ones, otherwise the picture would be a composite one and blurred.  It is the clear outline, the positive path, that leads to success.

To roll gracefully from one belief to another, to change from one business position to another, is progress and advancement.  It is a virtue, not a fault.  It spells efficiency and success.  Often when business life is started, the first admonition of parents to their son is "Don't be a rolling stone; take one position and stick to it," but this is antiquated advice.  If the person has visualized success and holds to that ideal, it may be necessary to make any number of changes before the desired results are reached.  If the proper ideals are held with persistency, each change should bring the goal nearer, as the ladder of success is mounted round by round.  A rolling stone loses its rough edges and acquires polish.

Keep on rolling.  Out of old beliefs, old creeds; out of arid and barren pastures, roll into new thoughts, better positions and higher ideals.  Even though the rolling bay be attended by hard bumps, loss of friends and suffering, bear them patiently.  They are the inevitable pains of progress.

Roll out of the belief that three-scores-years-and-ten are the allotted span of life.  Roll from age to youth --from weakness to strength.  Keep on rolling --out of malice to kindness, --out of hate to love, --out of failure to success.

Roll and roll on until you reach "Pastures green, beside the still waters" until you are at peace with yourself and the world, and possess all the good things the world can give, --health, wealth and happiness.  Blessed are the rolling stones, the saviours of the world.

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