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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Twenty-Two

This message of "How to Live and Grow Young" deals with the different phases of thought and is the unfoldment of a new truth which is destined to prove that three-score-years-and-ten is a mesmeric power that has materially shortened the life of man.  The understanding of this philosophy will destroy this power and develop intuition which will help you to grasp this message.  Intuition will protect you from accident for intuition  gives one a clear vision and enables one to see the sign posts and danger signals' to be on the opposite side of the street when a girder or scaffolding is falling; to keep out of the path of some drunken, reckless, auto driver who is taking toll of human life. 

A person whose intuition is highly developed will escape many of the pitfalls of life.  The industrial development of the world has been carried on by those possessing clear intuition.  The development of intuition is most important.  Work for it.  Watch for it, and go and meet it, for it is a good friend and will be a better one if you cultivate it, and give it encouragement.  It will lead you into all good, according to the 23rd Psalm.

Intuition is a wonderful guide and brings Fruition to those who heed it.  Intuition and Fruition are partners.

Intuition will show you the way that leads to the Fruition of your desires.  Watch for these intuitive messengers.  Expect them; command your intuitions to come to your aid when problems confront you; consider that intuition is a silent partner and desires to aid and will if called upon for help.  The obeying of intuition develops this power and brings fruition.

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