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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Twenty-Four

All people of earth have cause for regrets and cause for rejoicing.  Regrets interfere with health and shorten years.  Rejoicing vitalizes the blood and quickens the heart action.  Rejoicing makes the mind brilliant as sapolio brightens metal.  Regrets dull the eyes, take the elasticity out of the step and deplete the atmosphere.  Rejoicing quickens the step, brightens the eyes and vitalizes your atmosphere, for "All things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song."  The fact that you have made a mistake in life or broken one or two of the commandments may be ample cause for regrets, but rejoice that you have realized your mistake --realized that you were on the road to Nowhere and rejoice that you have discovered your mistake before it was too late to retrace your steps; that is indeed cause for rejoicing.  Rejoicing is a real song of Praise, a song everyone who awakes in the morning with a perfect body, able to see and hear, should sing.  This alone is a tremendous cause for rejoicing, but what a blessing to awake in the morning and realize that you are living in the U. S. A., a country not overwhelmed with such gigantic and appalling problems as war-wrecked Europe.  This should be such cause for rejoicing that regrets could find no lodgment in your mind.

Nothing enables man to realize and appreciate his blessings and rejoice over them more than Spiritual Equilibrium.  Spiritual Equilibrium enables man to be connected with material development in all walks of life, to be interested in the advancement of man and in the progress of the world.  Spiritual Equilibrium enables man to keep his head in times of stress --to see the golden lining of each earth cloud and rejoice that he can see it.  spiritual Equilibrium enables a man to look upon earth's honors and riches as only stepping stones on life's highway --to neither worship nor ignore them, but to rejoice over the blessings they bring.

Rejoicing prevents the poison of despair produced by regrets.  The regretful person gives up when encompassed by clouds.  The joyful person endowed with spiritual equilibrium climbs the mountain and gets above the cloud line --the same world for both, but one is in the sunshine and one is in the gloom.  It is easy to stay in the valley.  It is an effort to climb the mountains, but it is worth the effort.  In the valley there may be marshes to retard our steps.   There are no marshes on the mountains.  The air may be foul in the valley, but on the Mount of Rejoicing the air is pure.  You can remain in your room and c limb these mountains.  It has been done in prison.   

Christ said to the thief on the cross "This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise."  The thief only turned to Truth, was on the mountain-top of rejoicing and gained Paradise.  If we turn to Truth, we can also rejoice that we have found Paradise, but without the pain of the cross to bear.

Blessed are those who can see the way, and not be forced to be crucified to find it.  Spiritual Equilibrium enables you to avoid the cross, to "Live and Grow Young."

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