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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Twenty-Five

While this book was being dictated bearing the message of youth and prolonged life, there came the assurance that it would find a place in the thought of the world.  It is seed for thought which by falling in good ground will fulfill its mission, but it is a message that cannot be read and then laid aside.  It must be made a part of daily thought.  The full benefit of this message will never be realized until all nations grasp the fact that war   is simply madness, that the preparation for war and the war thought do more to shorten life than all diseases of the earth.  The war is simply the highway of Nowhere; that the goal when reached by any nation is not victory, but ultimate defeat and disaster.

The establishment of universal peace and disarmament alone would increase the span of life from 5 to 10 years --not by lessened death rate, but from the fact that man had been able to discern the truth that it was a crime to take life.  When the fact is seen that war is an illusion and delusion, that it is a disease and plague, it will be conquered, but not until then.

There is no death.  That which lives always has lived, always will live.

The separation of ten million souls from their mortal body and sending them by wholesale to the next plane of existence does not at once change these individuals.  They are filled with hate and, for a generation or more, influence the thoughts of those on earth.  They cannot see that peace is the only way, any more than those left on earth can.  Those who have died on the battlefield stir up those left on earth.  They set in operation, influences that create tremendous confusion, making all national and international problems almost impossible of solution.

The discernment by the people of earth that universal peace is the only way would at once at as a powerful tonic, vitalizing all people, establishing hope and faith that civilization had at last reached the desired haven of peace.  This alone would lengthen life, and the first great step would have been taken to break the mesmerism of age and death.

To continue war preparation in this age of development is to unloosen the furies of destruction.  The mind of man cannot contemplate what it means, for shortly the inventive genius of the world will unlock from Nature secrets that will make warfare ten times as destructive as it was in the last war.  If universal peace is at once established, there will be no market for this kind of research, and these persons will then turn their attention to constructive lines.  The terrible explosives and death-dealing appliances now almost completed will remain locked in unexplored realms of thought, where, for the good of mankind, they should remain.  If they are allowed to be discovered, they will have the power to destroy nations in a few days' time.

The hour has struck; the parting of the ways has been reached.  Which will the Nations take?  Will it be the path of Universal Peace and Prosperity, or lasting world-wide war preparation, stranding armies, debts unpayable and death for millions, the destruction of civilization in less than a generation?

There are recorded in this book two truths now knocking at the portals of thought.  The first is that it is possible by constructive thought on the side of life and youth to prolong life for years; second, that by establishing Universal Peace at once, it is possible to save the people of the next generation as well as existing governments from destruction.  These two messages are the greatest ever given to man in 2000 years.  Will he overlook them as he did the message which was given 2000 years ago of "Peace on earth, good will to man?"  Has war so blinded man that he must go on with war, war preparations and destruction and wipe out in the next twenty years the glorious progress recorded on history's pages?  If this message is not heeded, it would have been far better if man had never advanced beyond the stone age for an uncivilized savages is less harmful than a civilized one.

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