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Live And Grow Young
Arthur Edward Stilwell


Chapter Twenty-Six

Good thoughts are spiritual elevators. If you cannot furnish your own elevators, read good books that accomplish this purpose.  Read books written by those with clear vision.  Often some good uplifting thought will give you just the added power to turn pending defeat to victory.  The preceding chapters in this book contain enough truth and inspiration to remove you from Lonesomehurst on the shores of Lake Despondency to a palace on Fifth Avenue if that is your desire.

The author herewith gives a list of well-known writers and some of their books, all of which are spiritual elevators, and will be helpful to those in quest of victory over mortal problems.

Fenwick L Holmes is a well-known teacher of these vital truths.  His books, "Being and Becoming," "How to Develop the Faith That Heals," and many others are recommended.  His brother, Ernest S. Holmes, has written two books that are spiritual elevators --"Creative Mind" and "Creative Mind and Success."  Emile Cady's lessons in truth are highly inspirational.  Dr. John Murray at the Hotel Waldorf, New York, is doing great good.  Orison Swett Marden's books are a remarkable battery of uplifting thoughts.  Millions have read Mr. Marden's books, for they have been translated into many languages.  Chas. F. Haanel's "Master Key" is a key indeed to this new philosophy.

"The Pathway of Roses" by Christian D. Larsan makes life's pathway more beautiful for those who read it.

Elizabeth Town of Holyoke has written any number of helpful books, and "The Nautilus" edited by this gifted woman has a wide circulation.  Dr. Frank Crane's books and writings are a distinctive force in the world for good.

Dr. A. A. Lindsay's "New Psychology" is a wonderfully interesting book.  t extends to every phase of human life and opens up many new avenues of thought. 

The mere mention of names and books is inspiring even though we cannot here detail the splendid achievement of the authors.  Among them may be mentioned:  Ralph Waldo Trime, with his books, "In Tune with the Infinite" and other; Dr. Julia Seaton; Joseph Perry Green; Nona L. Brooks; Annie Rix Millets, who edits "The Master Mind"; Henry Victor Morgan, editor of "The Master Christian"; R. C. Douglas; Emma Curtis Hopkins; George Wharton James; Edgar Lucian Larkin; Edwin Markham; and John Herman Randall.

All these authors and books, with many others, are the spiritual elevators of the race.

*~*~*~   The End  ~*~*~*

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