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THE annual expenses of maintaining the armies and navies of England, Russia, France, Germany and Italy are just about one billion dollars.

What a blessing such a sum would be to the merchants and manufacturers of each country if spent on the development of colonies, on railroads, in enterprises that would earn incomes and develop new regions, furnishing employment to thousands in useful trades, purchasing supplies from their home country and in various ways up-building the Fatherland?

Think of it! One billion dollars wasted annually!

It would buy homes costing $2,000 apiece for 500,000 people each year. If every house stood on a fifty-foot lot, there would be constructed 5,000 miles of new homes, a line sufficiently long to encircle one-fifth of the globe, or reach from St. Petersburg to Vladivostock.  If each house were the home of a family of four persons, two million people would have homes for life, paid for by the annual war expenses of five of the leading nations of Europe.

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