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Your Majesties, George, William and Nicholas:

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake:  for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

IS there any loss in doing right?  Suppose that one of you three kings believed that the Master's way was the right way, believed that war was a crime, believed that even preparation for war was a crime, and condemned it to such an extent that you lost your crown, --would it be a loss?

     Is any material possession worth having, if you have to give up your idea of right to gain it?

     No person ever lived who made such an impression on the world as Christ and He had no material possessions.  He never allowed force and when one of his followers smote off the ear of one that came to take him, He rebuked him and healed the wounded man.

     And if He did so much for the world without force, so can you three kings give up war implements of all kinds, as you can see the power of right by his life and that there is no way to suffer loss by doing right.

     Had Christ allowed His followers to resort to force, which they often wished to do, He would have been a mere rebel against a material government and would never have founded the spiritual empire that He did.


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