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Your Majesty, King George of England:

WHY should you fear Germany?  What is the imaginary line that separates one nation from another, if all are the children of one Father?

   Are you a follower of Moses or of Christ?  Moses said, "An eye for an eye," but Christ said, "Return good for evil."  Which needs Dreadnoughts to back it, the law of Moses or the law of Christ?

   Do you three great Kings, George William and Nicholas, wish to keep your kingdoms by righteousness or by power?  Did Napoleon keep what he had won by power?

   Suppose that you now believed the right is might, that love and kindness are the masters of hate, and started to put it into practice.  Do you not think that all other potentates would follow you and be grateful to you, that you had had the wisdom to take the first step?

   Suppose that your Majesty try to get the leading nations each year to allow one-tenth of their armed forces to disband.  Think of the reduction in taxation.  Would not this strengthen your power at home?  If all nations agreed, the units of fighting men that remained each year would have the same relative strength as now, and if the nations desired it, the disbanding could stop at the ninth year, the remaining one-tenth to be under a flag created for the Hague Tribunal, called THE FLAG OF PEACE.  Under this international world's flag, the army and navy hat remained could be used to carry out the Tribunal's decrees if needed.

   Now while this fixed plan was under way, each nation could prepare its officers and men for the new conditions they would meet when their turn came to retire from the employment of the goverment.  They could establish schools in all camps and barracks, where trades could be taught.  Instruction could be given regarding the resources of the colonies; horticulture, vine-culture, bee-culture, farming, dairying, etc., could be taught the men, and when they were disbanded they would at once have useful knowledge to put in practice in their new walks of life, as they left the army of war and enlisted in the army of peace.

   Truly, as the war ideas left their minds, they would not be left empty, but would be filled with higher thoughts of conquering industry, of building up the greatness of their Fatherland and the colonies.

   Thus Universal Peace would be established forever, and the world would take its lesson from Norway and Sweden, when they settled their differences without bloodshed.

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