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DURING the Stone Age, when our ancestors lived in caves, ate raw meat and killed each other with clubs, there was no need of a patent office.  They may now and then found new ways of torturing their enemies, but they did not apply for patents.

     As the world advanced in knowledge, and as the Sermon on the Mount took hold of man, art and music, inspired by religious enthusiasm, made great strides.  The people of the world found new  uses for force and applied them.  They found the power of wedges and levers and invented printing and gunpowder, but as Charity and the Brotherhood of Man began to fill the earth, and man began to understand

Blessed are the merciful:  for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart:  for  they shall see God.

how differently their minds acted.  Instead of merely using power, they commenced to find out and use principle.  

     Until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the world had for 1,800 years practically stood still, but during that century the mind of man reached higher and higher.  The unseen was harnessed for the use of man; steam, electricity, the telephone, the phonograph, wireless telegraph, the flying machine all came.  Why?  Because man was shaking off the fetters of the material and rising to greater heights, taking dominion.

     But never in the world could all these wonders have come, while might was right.  Only with the advent of the understanding that right was might could these great inventions have been made.

     Every time the mind of man is turned back by war talk or war preparation to the force idea, the world is clouded and takes a step backward.

     What the world manifests are the manifestations of the thoughts of the people living in it.  Material conditions only change as the thoughts of man rise to higher planes.  The more noble, the more loving and kind man is, the more God (Good) will unfold for all the earth.

     War preparation, war talk is like drawing a daub of black paint over a giant masterpiece, and every time it is done the whole world must suffer to get back to the advanced standpoint it previously occupied. 

     Sink every Dreadnought, break up every gun and war implement on earth today, and the greatest advance the world has ever seen would take place.  Inventions and discoveries not now dreamed of would follow one another in rapid succession.

Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they shall see God (Good).



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