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ONE of the Bible stories or legends  that has quite a hold on the Christian world is the story of Cain and Abel, which is used in all Christian faiths as an awful example of brother killing brother.

   Now why does this isolated case of murder hold such sway over the human mind?  There can be only two ideas of creation that are real.  One, the idea that the earth was populated from one pair.  If so, every man is a relation of every other man and Adam and Ever were the ancestors of all.  The other idea is that we were created by the great Creator, en bloc.  If this is true, then God is the Father of all, how, we cannot understand.  If so, then we are all sons of one Father; the German is the brother of the Italian and the Frenchman, the Englishman is the brother of the Jap and the Russian, all are one family, all have one Father.

   Christ understood this when he called God His Father and your Father.  If this is so and it were wrong for Cain to kill Able, what is the crime for when we kill thousands of our brothers in battle?  If it is not wrong to slay in battle then Cain has been wrongly abused for thousands of years and ought to be praised for his self-restraint in killing only one of the family.

   If we are all descendents of Adam and Eve, then in waar we are killing our own cousins.

   If God is our Father, we are killing our brothers.

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