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YEAR by year the world is coming to understand better the teachings of Christ in all their purity and simplicity.  For years dogmas and creeds have obscured the Master's teachings, but as creeds and dogmas pass away, the Sermon on the Mount will be understood more and more by Christian nations and war will cease.

     Be Christ divine, or a human leader of men, he understood nature's laws -- the true seed and the true harvest.  

     Does it seem that little progress has been made towards human brotherhood in two thousand years?  Yet the understanding of the Master's message has put out the fires of the Inquisition, has freed the slaves of Africa and the  United States and has eased the bonds of the serfs of Russia.  It has brought into being the Salvation Army, organized for Peace.

     That Kings and rulers fail to grasp the truth is a mystery, but the universal solvent of love will yet reach all phases of thought and dissolve hate.  Love is the solvent, as it is the fulfilling of the Law.

Blessed are the merciful:  for they shall obtain mercy.

     Does not this reach Your Majesties, George, William and Nicholas?

     Think of the waste of life and wealth spent in making implements of war, that are now being destroyed and thrown on the scrap heap.

     What is this but the mind of the Creator, acting through man, to take his reliance from material things and release him.  That which today you hail as a great war machine would be but a broken reed to rely on ten years hence.

     The Sermon on the Mount is being forced upon you.   You are being forced up the stairs of civilization backwards, step by step.  Why not face forward?

     You or your descendants must some day renounce war, must come out for Universal Peace.  Do this now and you will occupy a place in history for all ages to come second only to that of him who voiced the Universal Brotherhood of Man.  He gave it to the world as a principle, you would make it a reality.

     And why not, Your Majesties?  What stands in the way?

     Let us look at what you profess to believe. 

     Your religion teaches that man is the expression of God's laws, that life is the will of the Creator.

     And God said, let us make man  in our own image and likeness.  Your religion also teaches the brotherhood of man.  As Christ said,

     But whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in Heaven, the same is my brother, sister and my mother.

     Is it true that man is the expression of God's idea?  Is it the order of the creative mind that man shall be?  If so, with man's  limited vision, do you mean to take the responsibility of attempting to annul those laws?

The lives crushed out and the misery wrought
Are a fearful price for the victory bought,
For each dread vict'ry must pay the cost
And the one that wins has really lost.

     Every death caused by war is a crime.  Who can wish to lead his nation up the so-called steps of glory, when each step is over the dead bodies of God's children?  Who wishes to build an earthly temple of power, the cement of which is mixed with the  blood of his fellow men?  And as every bad seed produces a bad harvest, why sow them?

     No true victory was ever won by the employment of wrong methods, no matter what the material gain may have seemed to be at the time.


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Arthur Edward Stilwell, Visionary

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