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SOMETIME the people of the United States will understand that Good Government means Civilization and Civilization means Good Trade. They will then insist on good government in the countries south of Mexico, for the reason that it will not only mean peace for this section, but large trade for the United States. They will demand it for two reasons: one to uplift humanity, and the other -- a selfish reason -- for the benefit to the United States that will follow.

What have we done toward prolonging life in Cuba and Panama, by the great fight made against yellow fever? We have made Havana a healthful city at all times of the year, and Panama, once feared by everybody in summer, is as healthful now in summer as it is in winter. Under the French management, the people died like flies in the fall, but when our nation arrived on the ground the filth holes were filled up, streets were paved, pure water took the place of the filthy cisterns that had been the sole supply of drinking water during the dry season, and plans were promulgated for heading off the mosquitoes, which were the disseminators of yellow fever. Sewers were installed in place of sinks.

Now this was good for the people of Panama and for the Cubans, but was it not good for the people of the United States? Was it not a great risk for us to have such yellow fever camps so near our own borders? A number of times the yellow fever scourge was brought from Cuba to New Orleans and our other southern ports. So in helping Panama and Cuba to be clean and healthful, we also guarded our own people by removing the menace.

The Mexican people, seeing the great change wrought in these two countries by improved sanitary conditions, started in and dug sewers, paved the streets and gave pure water to Vera Cruz, and yellow fever promptly packed its trunk and left Vera Cruz.

So what was proven for all that section by the advent of the American and his business methods? It was proven that yellow fever and filth and dirt were partners, and that when the filth were removed the firm had to go out of business, and we proved to the people of these sections that they did not have to bow their heads to this scourge. We benefited these places and also benefited our own country by removing a menace, and as yellow fever was conquered and Cuba and Panama were helped, so good government south of Mexico, under the wing of the United States and Mexico, would to the same extent benefit that section and the United States as well, just as our victory over yellow fever has benefited Cuba and Panama and at the same time benefited the United States.

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