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YOUR Majesty Nicholas well remembers how, in the late war with Japan, your regiments were blessed as they marched to the front, preceded by the sacred icons of your religion.  If war is breaking God's laws, was it not foolish to expect blessings to follow misdeeds, and what good did these blessings and sacred icons accomplish?  Japan was victor in spite of prayers, blessings, and holy icons.  In other words, a so-called heathen nation, free from graft, recognizing all sanitary laws, defeated a Christian nation, whose army was followed by prayers and carried into battle its sacred images, which availed nothing against organization, patriotism and all absence of sacred images.

     Right is a principle that does not always have to be fought for.  It is, it always was and always will be.  It was established long before the first bird sang.

     If in one of your schools in Russia the teacher gave the children a problem in mathematics, would all the prayers of the church, would all the sacred emblems of Russia help to solve the problem?  No!  There is no way to solve the problem but to learn and understand the principle of mathematics.

     Principle is never seen --  it is only the harmonious working out of principle that is seen.  And so must the rulers and potentates of the earth understand that peace is the result of principle, on which the Universe is founded, which principle was understood by Christ when he preached the Sermon on the Mount.

     I also ask your Majesty, "Would this be mutiny?"

     There can be no doubt but that Your Majesty desires all the people of Russia to be Christians; to be members of the Greek Church.  That is what the world thinks, at any rate, as all your regiments are accompanied by religious advisors, religious emblems and banners.

     Suppose that one of your regiments had a priest who recognized the Brotherhood of Man -- who understood the teachings of Christ to mean just what he said -- and that in an address to the soldiers he voiced in an inspired way the reality of love and the unreality of hate, and that the men who heard that address felt the truth of what he said and were ready to die in the right, rather than kill their fellow men in battle; and on the day of battle refused to obey the orders of their officers, as to them it was an unspeakable crime to kill.  If they so grasped the teachings of Christ, as given to them by their spiritual advisor, and refused to obey the officers' orders, would it have been mutiny, punishable with death?  Was their priest guilty of sedition for preaching the pure teaching of his church?  If so, it may in the future be dangerous to allow followers of the Master to accompany your armies.  It might cause a revolt that would cost you your crown.


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