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KING GEORGE , look on the thousands and thousands of Germans in all parts of the British Empire, in business, shipping, banking, etc., respected, received in all English society, even sitting in Parliament.  Emperor William, look at the thousands of Englishmen in German Africa, in other German colonies and all parts of the German Empire, living at peace under your flag.  If individuals of each country can prosper and be happy in these different countries, it proves that the Brotherhood of Man is accepted and works out in harmony among individuals.  If  this is so and nations are aggregations of individuals, why cannot they live in peace?

     The German in British colonies does not have to arm to protect himself.  Neither is the Englishman in Germany compelled to go armed.

     Why then do not nations adopt the individual standpoint and abandon armies and navies as a protection against each other?

     Here is a wonderful example of the individual idea:  In the United States there are 12,000,000 foreign-born residents (in Chicago alone there are more Germans than in any city in the world, except Berlin) and these 12,000,000 live under one flag in peace.  If one flag covers 12,000,000 foreign-born residents in one country, all living in peace, a world flag can fly over all the earth.

     Want of acquaintance and the ignorance attending it is the cause of international hate and distrust.  If distrust were removed, the whole world  would live in peace, as the foreign population does in the United States and other countries.

     The logical inference is that if England and Germany devoted the cost of but one war-ship to the exchange of friendly visits between the citizens of each country, the war thought would be destroyed by the friendships made.  War would then appear as it is, an absurdity.  Dreadnoughts get out of  date, but true friendships last forever.  The Dreadnought destroys;  friendship builds up.

     Is commercial success a reason for hate and jealously?  Some nation must lead; location and resources may contribute to this, but it must be accepted.

     Five men start out in life, having been schoolmates.  They enter business at the same time.  At the end of twenty years one has been very successful, the others only moderately so.  There is no reason why the other four should hate the successful one.  Is it any reason why they should arm themselves and murder him?  If they filled their minds with hate for this successful companion of their youth,  it would only retard their own progress.

     The expenditures of Germany of the army and navy are about $312,000,000 per year.  How much better it would be for the German Government to use this money in sending their young men to all parts of the world to study business.  A Holland society now sends yong men to foreign countries for a period of four years to help develp trade for the mother country.

     Syuppose Germany instead of spending money on her army and navy sent 312,000 trained young men every four years out into the world and allowed them each $1,000 per year for four years.  What would this do for the commercial and shipping supremacy of Germany?

     The annual expenditure for the army and navy would enable Germany to keep an army of peace numbering 312,000 in foreign countries, developing German trade relations.  It would be better than building Dreadnoughts.



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