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Your Majesties, George, William and Nicholas:

God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform

IF the world cannot see that war is only a yellow streak left in man from the stone age, circumstances will force the world to see it soon, but how much better to see it before the burdens left by circumstances are made greater even than they are now.

   The nations increase their debts for war expenditures, they build new forts, buy new equipment for the army, change bright uniforms for khaki, build new long range guns, replace their obsolete war-ships with Dreadnoughts.

   But when these changes are made and all the war material scrapped, the debts of the nation created to furnish the things that are destroyed, remain, and interest is paid year by year, growing like the Tower of Babel and just as useless; nothing left but the debts and some old material; nothing to show but taxes for the war implements of the past.  A terrible burden for those living to pay for the supposed protection of those long since gone to their rest.  It cannot continue, it only spells ruin.

   Had all the increase in the debts of all nations, spent only in war preparations, been spent on enterprises that earn incomes, the increased debts would have something back of them as assets to earn the interest incurred, and the nations would have grown richer instead of poorer.

   Thus nature, if it can accomplish its end in no other way, will exhaust the strength of the nations and force them to give up this endless chain of burdens, so that from exhaustion if from no other cause will come peace.  Then the uselessness of paying interest on ghosts of the past will be made apparent.  But what a costly lesson it will be for all and why wait until that day comes?  Why not see that this is the inevitable result and stop now?

   It is estimated that during the next twelve months thirty-six Dreadnoughts will be finished, and the day they are launched they will be started for the scrap-heap, where they will all arrive in ten or twelve years.  These Dreadnoughts cost, we will say, $7,500,000 each; total cost, two billion, two hundred and ninety-seven million.  Warranted to be either the greatest death-dealing machines the world has ever known or else the greatest burden ever forced on the world in any twelve months of its history, while enjoying so-called "Peace"!

   Is such security properly called "peace"?  Is it not rather a mesmeric chaos?  What will future ages call such foolishness, as they stagger under the burden of paying for the ghosts of the past and the mesmerism that produced it?


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Arthur Edward Stilwell, Visionary

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