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THIS wonderful nation, these wonderful people, during the last few years have done much to change the map of the Orient and are now recognized as a world power. Alert, active, thinking people, as up-to-date in war methods as any nation on earth, recognizing as no other nation ever did, sanitary conditions, they defeated religious, cumbersome, logy Russia, that paid more attention to religious emblems than it did to cleanliness, adequate armament and proper surgical supplies.

Think of the Japanese soldier just before battle putting on clean linen, understanding that if he were wounded he would have a better chance of recovery if he had on clean linen. While the Russian was counting his beads and looking at his sacred ikon and in most cases as ignorant of the laws of cleanliness as a goat is of pate de foie gras.

Skill and wisdom won, --the Jap secured his long coveted Corea and can now have elbow room, but could not this have been secured before the Hague Tribunal? If proper steps had been taken, could not this have been given to Japan? Was not all the evidence on the side of Japan; that this disordered, ill-governed country would take great steps forward under the government of Japan? If a Juvenile Court in one of our great cities can give an unruly boy into the proper hands to be brought up, why could not the Hague Tribunal turn an unruly nation over to proper guardians for the good of the nation and the good of the world?

We all witnessed the birth of a new era in 1905 when diplomacy in place of gun-powder and blood freed Norway from Sweden. Without firing one shot Norway became independent, free to win in the world's race the place her energy and judgment may assign to her.

What a great step this was and what a debt of gratitude the world owes to both Norway and Sweden for their wisdom and the great step taken in solving such problems, minus arms and Dreadnoughts, minus gun-powder, minus blood and gore. The men usually killed in such surgical operations as separating two countries, in this instance live to help work out the nation's destiny.

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