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THE frequent revolutions in Central America and now and then in South America can be prevented by good government.

It is like a child crying with the colic, something is wrong inside in both cases.

A child wants a toy that it cannot reach, instinct says, "Cry and you will get it." Instinct is obeyed and the toy is handed down

These revolutions are the people crying aloud for good, stable government. They do not know what else to do. The United States and Mexico could give Central America just what it wants, good government, but refrain. Why? The answer is, "Thanks to the obsolete Monroe Doctrine."

The strength of this combination would fill the world with confidence. It would unite with the great power that we represent the wisdom that the people of Mexico represent, as shown by the masterly way in which they have brought harmony out of chaos. They understand the Spanish American, for they represent the highest type of that race. The Pan American Railroad would then no doubt be pushed as far south as Panama, with branches reaching to all parts of Central America, and the day is not far distant when sleepers will run from Chicago to the Panama Canal. In time the Canal will be bridged and the main line extended to the Argentine, Chili and all parts of South America.

Good government for Central America, between the southern boundary of Mexico and Costa Rica, must hasten that day.

The Pan American Road is now at the border of Guatemala and only a short line in Guatemala must be built to connect with the Guatemala Central. This road would then pass through Honduras to Tegucigalpa, from there through Nicaragua and continue south through the Republic of Costa Rica to the capital of that country. Nearly half of this line is finished, but in disconnected sections.

With the governments of these countries under the joint protectorate of the United States and Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua could give a subsidy of bonds and lands to aid such a road that would have a market value. The road would do much to develop this section of Central America and its securities would find ready sale.

I refer my readers to the standing of Mexican bonds and shares in the markets of the world.

To handle the Central American situations successful, cooperation between the United States and Mexico is logical, sane and imperative.

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