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MY readers may wonder what the Monroe Doctrine has to do with peace and what the connection is between the two.

Universal peace cannot be established and the Monroe Doctrine stand. The Old World, outside of the Balkan States, Crete and Turkey, is more or less peaceful. They look now and then as if they would boil over, but the lid is taken off, the steam escapes and no explosion takes place. It is true that the leading nations are armed to the teeth and, like a lot of game cocks, are all the time sharpening their spurs.

But to establish Universal Peace, Central and South America must be handled with a definite plan, a plan that has a beginning and an end, and the Monroe Doctrine stands in the way of this as a ghost. But a ghost is supposed to be transparent, and the commercial eyes of the United States can see through this humbug and reduce it to its natural nothingness.

It was born in 1823, is now three score and ten and old enough to have earned its everlasting rest.

The plans outlined in the succeeding chapters would lead to a peaceful and definite solution of the problems in Central and South America.

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