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EVERYTHING that the world finally sees as the product of man's mind was first a dream.  Someone dreams it, it is voiced, takes root in human consciousness and usually grows slowly (unless it is a war idea).  If it is to live, one by one we admit its truth and atempt to put it in force.  At last when a majority of the world has grasped it, it becomes a living reality.  Therefore, in the preceding chapters I have done all in my power to show war (wholesale murder) from all viewpoints, hoping that this volume will help to bring international disarmament, which must sooner or later come.

   The first step in the direction of Peace would be to have in each cabinet a Secretary of Peace.  After that there are two practical paths -- one a temporary plan, whereby Peace as a reality may be attempted for a term of years and the world allowed to see its results, and the other, a final plan for gradual disarmament.

   First, let all nations declare peace for fifteen years, build no Dreadnoughts in the meantime, and increase none of the armies.  By that time all desire to do anything but arbitrate will have passed away and war will be a dream of the past.

   Second, let all the leading nations agree that for ten years one-tenth of all armies and navies will each year disband; no more war-ships will be built, and at the end of nine years the tenth that  remains shall be the world's Army and Navy of Peace.

   This allows the change to be made slowly.  The world can adapt itself year by year to the new  conditions.  Great development would follow in colonies and in opening new territory, as the armies and navies year by year went back to peaceful pursuits.  Great commercial growth would take place, money now used in war preparations would be forced to find  other investments than government bonds issued to support armies and build Dreadnoughts.  This money would be free for investment at home and in the world-wide development.  Money would be cheaper, the cost of living reduced, with more people producing and less idle men to  consume.  And so we  would build up to the degree that war has pulled down.

   No such era was ever conceived as when 6,000,000 people are made bread-winners as well as bread-users, and when the two billion dollars now spent uselessly every year are used sensibly.

   The world is now on a war drunk and as all drunken people use money foolishly, so does a drunken world.

   By this plan all earth would begin to sober up during the ten years.  Now and then it might have delirium tremens, but would arrive at the desired haven.

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