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Your Majesties, George, William and Nicholas:

IF people living on opposite sides of the street do not have to fight or prepare for siege, if people in adjoining cities can live at peace, if adjoining counties or states do not have to have standing armies, if Canada and the United States have managed to exist for a hundred years without forts or war-ships to guard their borders, the nations of the earth can live in peace and armies and navies are no longer needed.

     International law can settle all disputes, just as a nation's laws settle all disputes within the nation.

     An agreement similar to the Suez Canal compact, can be extended over all the world.  If no forts are needed to protect the Suez Canal, why are they needed to protect any part of the world?

     I ask you three monarchs, is not taxation the world over, and especially in your countries, increasing socialism?

     Is not preparation for war staggering all the nations with unjust taxation, and making heavier the pension yoke now on the necks of the living?

     Is not the day coming when preparations for useless war may overthrow your Government and bathe it in the blood of your own people?

     This is imminent from your fatal readiness to shed the blood of others.  Why not hold your Government intact for your children and people to inherit?


     Monsieur Edmond Thery, the French economist, figures that the maintenance of Europe's armed peace footing in the last 25 years cost one hundred and forty-five billion francs, approximately $29,000,000,000, which involved an increase in the public debt of the European nations of from one hundred and five to one hundred and fifty-one billions of francs and constantly excluded from productive industry 195,000 officers and 3,800,000 men.


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